General Industrial

Amsted Foundry Solutions' general engineering division is one of the largest suppliers of engineering castings in South Africa. Each product is engineered to the tightest tolerances, with fully customizable capabilities. Whatever the application, Amsted Foundry Solutions castings outperforms and outlasts, even in the harshest operating environments.

Mill Spares

Mill Spares are cast and machined inhouse to customer specifications. Primary used in vertical spindle mills which pulverises the coal that electrifies South Africa. Mill spares such as spiders and yokes can be cast as single piece castings weighing up to 25t in the finished machined condition.

Slag Pots

Slag pots, also known as T-Pots or ladles, are supplied to various mineral processing, foundries and other industries and weigh between 6 and 22 tons.

Bucket Lips

Bucket lips are supplied to the earth moving industry. These lips weigh approximately 10 tons.

Mill Trunnions

Supplied to the Mining industry. These feed or discharge end trunnions weigh approximately 15 tons.