Precision Rail Castings

Amsted Foundry Solutions is a leading supplier of single-piece, thin-walled locomotive and passenger car bogie frames, freight car components and high integrity steel railway wheels. Our rail castings meet or exceed global industry and quality standards, including AAR certification in North America.


The modern curved plate design of Amsted Foundry Solutions monoblock wheel castings allows for minimum stress concentration to improve service life. Each wheel is built to the highest quality standards and thoroughly inspected to ensure reliability and optimize performance of cast wheels in the South African market.

  • Diameter of tread ranging from 865mm to 916mm
  • Net weights of up to 420kg
  • 34” cast general freight wheels
  • 36” cast heavy haul freight wheels

Freight Wagon Components

Amsted Foundry Solutions has produced thousands of sets of steel castings for freight cars for both the local and export markets. We are capable of producing over 11,000 tons of freight car components annually, with the resources to securely and efficiently ship them anywhere in the world.

  • Bolsters
  • Side Frames
  • Yokes
  • Couplers
  • Draw Gear Components

Locomotive components

Our fully machined and assembled locomotive bogie frames permit optimum metal distribution with smooth structural transitions, providing support for the locomotive under all service conditions and a secure mounting for auxiliary equipment. With minimized stress concentrations and a high strength-to-weight ratio, the service life and reliability of cast steel far exceeds that of fabricated frames.

  • Available for all track gauges
  • Bo-Bo, Bo-Bo-Bo, Co-Co configurations
  • Axle loads from 15,000kg to 40,000kg
  • High-adhesion and steerable fame configurations
  • Traction motor end shields and suspension tubes in cast steel manufactured to customer requirements